Cartographic Painting: Remapping Nice

For my European City course at Columbia University I mapped out Nice, France’s cognitive system based on the urban morphology of natural elements to define a unique Genius Loci. The series focuses on the procedures of representation that analyze Nice’s evolution from its formative years to its subsequent transformations as determined by cultural traditions and as shaped by social, material and economic forces over time.




metaphoric cosmological   |   imaging   |   

representational   |   theatre   |   anthropomorphic


Nice as an Anthropomorphic   |  Acrylic, Charcoal and Ink on Vellum 54" x 30" 



based on the concept of time   |   cyclical vs linear   |   

relating to past/present/future   |   utopia vs dystopia   |   palimpsest

Nice as a Palimpsest: A Map for Homo Erectus   |   Acrylic and Charcoal  on Vellum 20" x 36"



morphological   |   based on a haptic experience of the CITY NICE   |   

use of memory and associations   |   real versus the imaginary   |   being in the city

Nice as Dwelling: a map complied of buildings from 1624 to 1900  that had red ochre paint   |    Acrylic and Charcoal on Vellum 20" x 36"