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Poster Series: One Sample of Common DNA

An experimental poster series explores Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s rhetorical question “What is life, when in the end all that life is, is a sample of common DNA. How can you define your sample if it exists only as one?” Three women were asked to draw and annotate how they see themselves. Their drawings were converted to hand painted glass slides for viewing on a old projector used in the 1940’s for Wellelsey’s biology class. Posters are 36” x 54”


MILLER [poiting to a particular image on the canvas]: now, why did you paint that?

BASQUIAT: Because I felt like it

MILLER: So, you stared imitating them? [anatomy books]?

BASQIUAT: I’m not really imitating, you now, I use them as source material. 
The human compares itself with itself for others to compare themselves.